Thursday, 31 December 2009

New Years Resolutions

I've decided that seeing as it's a new decade I'm going to stick with some New Years resolutions instead of just thinking of some and never starting them. Of course I will be posting how I get on with them and if they don't go very well I will start them again on Shrove Tuesday or better known as Pancake Day.

So, here is my list of resolutions for 2010!

  • Pass my driving test! Setting a goal for May 2010.
  • Get a scrapbook! This will be for writingm, sticking and putting in random things to remind me of what I have done over the year. An example being a trip to the cinema, a night out or a meal with friends.
  • Start an onling blog/journal! Which is obviously what I'm doing now.
  • Learn fluent French! I'm part French for various reasons I have always wanted to learn French so now I am setting a goal to. Hopefully I'll find night classes for free in my area, if not I will use a tape set that my Mom bought me when I was younger.
  • Start going swimming once every two weeks. If I get into it more than intended then I shall move onto going once every week.
  • Start socialising and going out more with friends. My boyfriend Adam intends to join me in this, so I know I won't be alone.
That's about it for my New Years resolutions so far! If I think of anymore before 12am then I shall post them here.



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