Friday, 19 February 2010

SOOOO Sorry!

I am so sorry I haven't been posting on her for a few weeks, I've just been super busy with things and when I do get time to myself it's for doing stuff that isn't my blog (obviously!).

SO from now on I am just going to post about interesting stuff, like hauls, nights out etc etc!

I will be doing a post about the Lostprophets gig I went to on Wednesday (17th Feb).

But this is just a short video for now and here is a video I love at the moment that you may enjoy!

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Random Haul!

On Monday I usually see my boyfriend, but due to him being unwell with a cold I didn't get to. I decided I needed to go shopping for some uni things and asked my Dad if he wanted to come with me, instead of me going on my own. He said yeah and we were off shopping!

I bought more than I needed/intended to but it doesn't hurt to treat yourself every now and then. PLUS the fact I am super proud of myself for how well I have been doing with uni essays. One 1st and two 2:1's. Go me, eh?

So here is the haul!

I decided that I needed to get some things for uni, as my old notebook was full of stuff from last term and I didn't want the worry of getting stuff mixed up, so I got a new one from Asda for £1.50. It's like the Pukka Pads with the tabs at the side and those are usually £2.99 so what a bargain eh?

I also wanted to get some new pens for uni because although I love my yellow cat one, I just wanted something new. I'll still use my cat one of course, as it's comfortable to write with and super cute! I need to get some refills for it now I think about it... Anyhoo I went into WHSmith for a look around at what I could get and I have had my eye on a cute Winnie The Pooh pen set for a while and also a thin pencil case too. I'd been using a small cherry tin pencil case and it was forever making a noise in my bag, which was annoying! I also couldn't fit my highlighter and memory stick in there, which was also annoying. So I decided to get the pen set and the pencil case. I'm so glad I did! It's so much quieter to get a pen out of my bag now when in lectures.

I wanted to get myself some more black vests as I only had the one and I loved wearing it sooo much! At only £4 each at New Look, I don't get why I couldn't take advantage of the price. So I went in and whilst looking around I saw the Lady and The Tramp t-shirt that I had wanted for AGES! I'm a huge LATT fan and I already owned 2 LATT t-shirts from New Look. I don't wear them much anymore as I get too paranoid of them getting ruined. Anyhoo I bought myself the LATT one and got myself two black vests. I had a look for some grey ones, but no luck sadly. Overall all my stuff came to £20 but with my 20% discount I saved £4 and only paid £16. So technically I didn't pay for one of the vests. BARGAIN!

I had a quick mooch in Topshop and once again I contemplated buying the Paris Strip PJ Set. It's only £18 and I get 10% off there but I'm not sure. I'm trying to save my money and not buy things I don't need. It's just so pretty! I might get it... I don't know! Anyhoo! I always love having a mooch around Topshop as they have such cute and nice things, especially their jewellery. I only bought some Cookie Monster pants though (my 3rd pair of Cookie Monster ones now) and they cost me £3 something with my discount.

I think my favourite purchase of the day (except my LATT t-shirt) was Britney Spears' Midnight Fantasy. I had been contemplating getting it for quite a while and in the Perfume Shop it was £24.99 for a 100ml, which is pretty good! I had seen it on The Fragrance Shop for £19.99, which I found out wasn't available anymore when I got home. So yeah, I was pretty chuffed I bought it. It smells so gorgeous! It's like a blueberry smell and it reminds me of a doll I used to have when I was little and mine smelt of grape, but I remember wanting the blueberry one a friend had. It smelt just like that! The box for the perfume is HUGE and I intend on keeping the bottle in the box for quite a long time. This perfume is meant to be special edition, so I don't know what I'm going to do when it runs out. Other than that, I also spotted a small little perfume gadget. It's called a Travalo Mini Atomiser which cost £7.99. Basically it's a little perfume bottle that you put your desired/favourite perfume in and you're off to go for the day! It saves having to carry a huge bottle of perfume around or worrying about breaking the bottle. I was contemplating buying one, but I thought I had spent enough money for one day and left it for another time or if I find something cheaper. One of the shop workers said she swears by them though, so they can't be that bad!

As I have said in previous blogs, I wanted to get my hands on the Bubble Gum Lip Scrub from Lush and I finally got my hands on a tub of it. For £4.50, how big the tub is AND for how little you need to do a good job on your lips it is amazing stuff! It smells really sweet and I have read that people think it's like Snow Fairy, but surely it would be weird putting that on your lips? If you get what I mean. Anyhoo, the smell reminds me of those pink shrimp sweets from when we were kids. I think the only flaw of the scrub is that it's a sugar scrub, so it has sugar in it. It's bad that you have to put it on your lips, as it makes me want to lick it off! Which I have noticed that I have had to do so that I can put my lip balm and lip stick on. It does a great job in smoothing the lips though. I've only used it a few times, but it is doing a good job! The guy who served me in Lush was so cool! I was wearing my ghost necklace from Beadesaurus in Birmingham (Yes I am from Brum) and he said how cute it was and asked where I bought it. I told him of course and I hope to go back soon and see him wearing it! I love that necklace and have had it since 2007. Long time!

On the way home from the shops we stopped off at Lidl for some deals and odd bits of food and drink we like to get from there. I noticed some lip balms for 99p and I have wanted one for my handbag, instead of using my Blistex one which I like to keep at home. So my Dad was lovely enough to buy me one. It's milk and honey apparently but it doesn't really taste like it. It has made my lips softer though, so for 99p it's doing a good job!

That was pretty much my haul! I don't think I did too bad you know!

Anyhoo, blogs coming up! Sorry I'm taking ages to get them done at the moment, I'm just pretty busy with being back at uni and life in general.

Sunday, 31 January 2010

January 28th-30th 2010

Sorry these are late again I've been pretty busy, well lazy this week. I do start back at uni next week so I need my time to relax before I head back there!


My boyfriend came over to mine today and it was really cool. We usually just chill out when he comes over. We both got the house to ourselves and I wish we had put it to good use and made some bacon sarnies now! We never though, probably because I'm too lazy these days. Ooops!

He brough Fallout 3 with him to play on my PS3 and I would have had a go, but I usually die on it, so I left it to him to play for me. Most of my trophies are down to him! But I told him what name I wanted for my character etc. We started a new game due to pretty much messing up the previous one with blowing up Megaton (or whatever it's called) so a new game was made. We're still sticking to the evil streak. Go us eh?

I also tried a new outfit look and hair. I put on my black skinny fits, blue studded emo/scene belt, black vest and my turquoise shirt over the top. I did it up when I went out but indoors I either took it off or undid the buttons. As for my hair I tried this look but instead of having my hair curled (because it can take upto 5 hours to do!) I decided on just sticking to straight hair. I ended up taking the braids out as they were annoying me when I tried to eat and it got a bit messy. BUT for the time I had it, it was pretty cool! I will deffo do my hair that way again.

I cooked chicken and chips for me and my boyfriend and it was yummy! I had jelly after mine which I had made earlier in the week and it was also very yummy!

I recieved an email from my work placement supervisor about some work he wanted me to do for when I go in on Monday, so I intend to get started and finished with it tomorrow.


I woke up earlyish and got on with what I was set to do for my work placement work. What I needed to do was do research on magazines I could send my work into to get published, what they do and who I would contact to talk about getting published. It was a bit difficult but he said to do as much as I could, so I did 5 magazines all of them being different from one another.

Other than this it was the Celebrity Big Brother final! And that Alex Reid one. Angry much? I wanted Jonas to win. I won't even go into why I didn't want Alex to win. So yeah...

Anyhoo! I entered a competition on Barry M's website to try and win one of their Lip Lacquered Crayons! I'm hoping I win, fingers crossed for me eh?

Sad news for the day was finding out that Ugly Betty has been cancelled after season 4. While I'm hopeful that another company will take it on for season 5, I just can't wait to see what happens in season 4. I was just starting to REALLY love Ugly Betty and it reflecting on how I am/have been and what I want to achieve in the future and it's cancelled! Such a shame for such a great show!

I listened to Tim Shaw and watched How Not To Live Your Night for the rest of the night and then went to sleep.


Today was very relaxing but annoying at the same time. I woke up with an ache and pain on the left side of my back. I must have pulled something in the night when I was sleeping so it's been killing me ALL day! It has obviously got better throughout the day and a relaxing bath with some muscle soak and listening to Tim Shaw's Rehab made it slighty better.

Anyhoo my boyfriend brought Fallout 3 with him again, alongside Oblivion. Both amazing games and I love playing Oblivion on my laptop. I haven't for ages because I haven't had the time, nor have I been in the mood.

Adam was pretty tired and due to me having a backache we both just relaxed and played games all day.

The biggest news of the day is MY CALENDAR ARRIVED! I ordered it on Monday night from Amazon and it's soooo cute! I wanted to get a Hello Kitty one but I couldn't find one for a good price so went in a search for a Poodle one, but I had the same problem so I just looked for a cute The Dog Collection one and came across the Siberian Husky one! I'm so glad I bought it and it was well worth the money! It was £6 something, including the delivery charges.

I put it up and set it to January, which is such a cute picture! I'm just sad that I'll only get a few days to admire it! The puppy is super cute and like I've already said, I'm glad I bought it.

I have considered buying a Siberian Husky puppy when I finish all my uni related stuff, get myself a job and either move out on my own or with someone else. I'm still thinking about it obviously as they are big dogs and I've only been used to small dogs. I'd miss being able to pick them up and carry/cuddle them all the time.

After getting my calendar in the post I ordered myself a leather case for my phone so I don't need to worry about it getting broken or damaged whilst in my bag. I need to get some lense stickers so that it doesn't get scratched, but I won't get them until I get my case in the post.

A funny time today was one of my friends from uni calling me while he watched The Blackout perfom on the Kerrang tour. It sounded pretty cool! The Blackout are great live and I have fond memories of when I saw them live the first time I saw Lostprophets.

Other than this I spent the rest of the night listening to Tim Shaw and watching Gok Wan on TV. Was a pretty good day with my boyfriend, we were just exhausted from lack of sleep and being in pain from sleep.

Anyhoo that is all for now!


Nat xxx

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

My second haul!

I went shopping up town with my boyfriend today and it was sooo much fun! Neither of us had been up town since before Christmas so it was nice to be up there again. We went to loooads of places, but mostly the ones that we wanted to go to. So here is a haul of what I bought on the day.

I love Lush and was on the look for their new lip scrubs, especially the Bubblegum one, but sadly they had sold out and weren't getting anymore in stock until Thursday. I went in and decided to have a look around for anything new or old. I spotted some of the Valentines Day products and they are lovely! They have Magic Mushroom Bubble Bars which smell of strawberries and are in the shape of a red and white mushroom, Love Soap which smells like the Sex Bomb Ballistic and is the colour red, in a heart shape and with red glitter all over the top and finally The Ex Factor Ballistic which smells JUST like Butterball Ballistic and is in the shape of a gingerbreadman and is a light blue colour with a pink heart over it's chest. I bought one of these for how cute it looked and how lovely it smells. I haven't used it yet, I want to stock up on loads of them first, especially for £1.95! Not only did I get this in Lush but I also got my Mom and me some samples. I got my Mom some samples of Honey I Washed The Kids Soap and Porridge Soap. I also got us both a face mask sample, as we have wanted to get some for a while. I got myself Love Lettuce and my Mom Brazened Honey. We haven't tried them yet, but I think I'll try mine later.

After Lush we decided to go to a few more places for things I wanted to look at or buy, but on the way we took a detour into Superdrug and I am SO glad I went there now! That day I was on the hunt for smelling and possibly buying either (or both) Paris Hilton's Heiress and Britney Spears' Midnight Fantasy. I found Heiress in the sales for £10 in a 100ml bottle! What a bargain! Even some 30ml's aren't THAT low in price. They had about four or five on offer and I wish I had bought two bottles now! I intend to go back up at some point next week to try and get my hands on another bottle before they all go! The smell of it is very light and sweet and kind of reminds me of a lighter fragrance of Snow Fairy from Lush and Avon's Sweet Candy Bubble Bath. I was going to have this to pop in my handbag for when I'm on in the day or night, but I think I may just keep it to use when I fancy something sweet. I wouldn't want to worry about the bottle smashing.

Sooo after the detour to Superdrug we wandered off to a market that sells alternative, emo and gothic fashion. At the beginning of 2009 I bought some Dr Martens boots in a bright shiny red colour. They were sadly a size too small and I hadn't worn them in the first 4 months of purchase so I took them back and tried to get my money back but sadly the shop only offers credit or exchange and at the time none of the shoes in the shop were what I was looking for or wanted. I did try some shoes on but they didn't have my size (what luck eh?). So the credit only lasts a year so I decided to get it used that day if possible and I did! On some gorgeous leather ankle boots! They were originally £64.99 but the shop was having £10 off of all their shoes that day (except the ones in the sale) so they were only £54.99. Now, due to Dr Martens being expensive shoes and the ones I purchased being in the sale, my credit was £45.99 I just had to pay an extra £9.99 towards them. My boyfriend lent me the £10 and they were mine! I worried for a while that my Mom would hate the look of them, but as soon as I pulled them out of the box to show her she wanted a pair of her own. The leather is very soft and not only are they leather on the outside, but on the inside too! The soles of the shoes are rubber and my Dad commented on how they may need to get a change after a year or so of wearing them. When trying them on with my black skinny fit trousers, they look AMAZING! They remind of of something an indie band singer would wear, think Ricky Wilson from Kaiser Chiefs and they definatly remind of some of the shoes Ian Watkins (Lostprophets singer) has worn in the past. I love the picture I took wearing them with my trousers too, I think they look really cool! They're going to look wicked with a skirt and my trousers. Or maybe a white t-shirt and a long cardigan. They're going to be perfect for going out in on nights out, but I'd probably be really paranoid about them getting ruined.

After this we wandered off to an American sweet shop to buy ourselves some treats. I wasn't planning on getting anything apart from some Pez refills but when I spotted a Chococat Pez I just HAD to buy it. For £2.50 I didn't mind paying that much, especially when you got 2 Pez refills with it too! I also bought a few lollypops and was sucking one around town, it was great! I'm deffo going to be buying some more when I'm next there! It's always a treat going into that shop, but it's just a shame so much of their stock costs over £5 to buy.

My final purchase (apart from buying my boyfriend a CD for his late Christmas pressie) was some bracelets from New Look. It took AGES to get them but for the price I paid and discount I got off of it, I'm so glad. Basically there wasn't any of the bracelets around the shop on display, apart from them being on a models arm, which was on a very high shelf. I would have risked getting them myself but it may have looks suspicious so I asked a member of staff to get them for me. I did tell her which ones I wanted and she had a look in the stock room (or whatever it's called) to see if they had any there and she came out with a completely different pair to the ones I showed her. BUT in the end she went and got the ones off of the models arm and I went to pay for them. They were £6 but I only paid £3.20 for them (less than a £1 for each bracelet!) due to getting my 20% off with my student card. Good eh? They're pretty cute bracelets and will be nice to wear both in the day and on a night out.

So yeah, that was my haul for going up town shopping! It was a very fun day out and I can't wait to go up there again, mainly for perfume and sweeties!




January 22nd-27th 2010

Once again a huge sorry. I need to seriously keep up with my posts! I think I'm just being a bit lazy at the moment, but I will keep up with these! Especially when I'm back at uni. Anyhoo, on with the blog!


Didn't do that much today. I had a few blogs to write so I did those out of the way and made a list of places I want to go and things I want to get on Saturday. So far the list has Lush things, perfume and some clothes/accessories. Lush has some new lip scrubs and I seriously want the Bubble Gum one! It apparently smells like Snow Fairy and tastes super sweet! It's £4.50 a pot but that would last me for ages! I want to smell Paris Hilton's Heiress perfume and Britney Spears' Midnight Fantasy perfume. They're meant to be super sweet smelling and I really want something to pop into my handbag when I go out. Especially for when I'm at uni all day!

This week has been full of Lostprophets, so full nearly everyday has had something to do with them! Monday the album came out, Tuesday I was preparing to meet them on Wednesday, Wednesday their Birmingham signing, Thursday nothing much TBH apart from boasting about Wednesday and Friday they didn't just do a live set on Radio One in the morning but also a special question and answers video chat on MySpace, which I attended and got lots of my questions answered! I am so chuffed!

Basically I asked the band loads of questions to do with both the band and them personally. I asked "Luke where are you from?", "Tea or coffee?", "Dirty Sanchez or Jackass?", "Lee what is your favourite PS3 game?", "Stuart which band would you love to produce?" and possibly more but I can't remember them.

Later on I watched Sirvinya (Becky) on BlogTV for a few hours and it was very cool! Got to ask her lots of questions to do with make up and even requested some reviews. I went under the username Broken20 as BrokenProphet was too long apparently. But what I loved about it the most was that she was in her PJ's! They were froggie ones too! Go girl!

To finish off my night I listened to Tim Shaw's Rehab on BRMB. Tim Shaw has been my favourite radio DJ since he started The Asylum on Kerrang Radio. Shame he still isn't there, I loved listened to rock music in the advert/music breaks. Pop music isn't really my kind of thing. BUT to be fair, Kerrang Radio has gone down hill since I was at school and college. The music is awful.

After that I went to bed!


Today I went shopping! YAY! I went with my boyfriend and here is the haul from the day. We both had a great day and it was a nice change going up town, as we hadn't been since the end of November. Sooo we pretty much went everywhere and anywhere that we wanted to go or caught our eye. My boyfriend didn't buy anything but I bought enough for us both!

I went into Lush to look for the Bubble Gum lip scrub and they had totally sold out! I got to have a look at the tester though and it smells AMAZING! They said they wouldn't have anymore in until next Thursday, so I'll just wait until I go up town next to get my hands on one. I also intend to get some more samples too, especially soap and lotion ones.

I had a look in H&M for a snood for my Mom but they had sold out so I just had a quick look around and saw a cute Hello Kitty jumper. It was like a denim colour with a dark blue stencil of Hello Kitty's face. It appearing to be a baggy bat wing style jumper and I was going to try it on and possibly buy but I realised that 1. It's kind of childish and 2. I don't really need it. From doing that I saved myself £19.99. Maybe next time, but I doubt they'll have any left!

When we got home we chilled out for a few hours and then we went to my boyfriend local pizza place to get something to eat. He paid for us both and we got a HUGE chicken and sweetcorn pizza and chips. It was very yummy and I only wanted to get it due to how much I had walked around town and that I was starving! I'm so glad we got pizza, it was a pretty good end to an amazing day!


As usual I chilled out due to it being a Sunday. Well, that and changing my bed and getting a bath/washing my hair. Other than this I have my second coupan for the Barry M makeup and make up bag from Superdrug! Woohoo! I only need two more and I can go down to my nearest Superdrug and get my hands on one. £20 worth of make up for free? Bargain! Well technically it's not free due to having to pay for the News Of The World.

I was a tad bit dissapointed today after hearing the results of the album charts. The Betrayed got to number 3 and was beaten by albums that are pretty old now. It seems like a stitch up from fans. Just dissapointed about it as I think Lostprophets deserved the number 1 spot. Can't do nothing about it though, so just have to put up with it.

I went to bed pretty early due to having placement in the morning and I didn't want to be late for it.


Well I woke up today to a text message from my placement supervisor saying that he had cancelled me going to placement today, due to him having a cold and not wanting to pass it onto me. Which was very considerate of him! He told me he's going to give me some work to do over the week, so that should be good!

For the past few hours I was awake I was going to write some blogs but to be honest I never got round to it. Oops! Instead I played Facebook games, which I appear to be getting addicted to, especially Pet Ville and Farm Ville.

After a while I got ready and headed to my boyfriends house for the day. We went to the shops after all the school kids had come out of school and gone home and we bought lots of food goodies! Nom! Got some yogurt, Lucozade and pizza. My boyfriend also bought me some cute little Puppy In My Pocket doggies! Big kid, I know but they were down half price so why not?

For the rest of the day we chilled out playing games and watching TV. Before going home from my boyfriends my phones sim card suddenly stopped working and due to upgrading my phone recently I realised that Orange had turned it off and I was needing to start using my new phone and sim card.

When I got home I tried to sort it out but Orange had shut their offices for the night, so I'd have to wait until the morning to get my phone up and working again. It felt strange not having my phone working and even more strange that I would need to start getting used to using my new phone.


I got my phone sorted today, yays! It's so great and when I went out food shopping today all I could do it post Facebook posts on it. Was so fun to do! I could also check out who was saying what to me.

Anyhoo so I woke up earlyish to sort my phone out and had asked my Dad the previous night if he would give me a lift to the shops to buy the food I needed to get. I spent £20 on food and have enough to last me a month or so.

I enjoy going food shopping, especially when bargains are there to be taken! I bought some yummy BBQ chicken chunks from Iceland and they taste AMAZING! I'm going to be stocking up on those when I go shopping next time.

Whilst I was shopping for my frozen stuff at Iceland I had a look around the shops to see what the clothes were like and I saw a gorgeous dress in Select for £18. Of course I have my student discount so it would be down to £16.20. Well, that's if my calculations are correct. I also had a look in Superdrug for Barry M's new Lip Lacquer Crayons. They come in a variety of colours and cost £4.95 each. I have my eye on the cherry red. So anyhoo I had a look for them but Superdrug hadn't yet got them in stock so I'll be keeping my eye out for them! Might do some swatches in the shop, take a picture and show you on here!

Also before going shopping I headed to uni to get my results back from a group presentation I did. I was worried I would have failed but I got 75%! I am so chuffed but at the same time I feel bad. One of my friends was 1 percent off of a pass and I'm pretty pissed off about it. She did so great in that presentation, I feel she did even better than I did! She did fab and what is 1% anyway!?

After going shopping I came back home to put everything away. It was a big job to do, but it got done! For the rest of the day I messed about with my new phone putting numbers in and sorting out which ringtone I wanted, which I decided would be a Lostprophets song (typical!).

I might actually get a holiday this year! I'm so chuffed if I do, I seriously need one. I haven't had one for nearly 5 years. That's too long without getting away from here.

The new series of Shameless started tonight and it's pretty good. Some of the stories they have are a bit surreal but that's what makes TV to be honest. Some of that stuff might actually happen in places in the UK but I doubt it does. Debbie isn't in Shameless anymore, which has surpised me! I totally forgot that Karen was pregnant too! Liam is a little shit, but in a smart way. I watched the second episode too and it looks pretty cool!

That was pretty much all for that day.


I cleaned all upstairs today and I had the house to myself while people were out shopping so it was nice to clean in peace and quiet. I did it later than usual though due to getting hooked on Shameless and Facebook games. Those games will mess me up if I decide to replace uni work with them. Oops!

I love cleaning the bathroom the most whenever I do it, as it always looks sparkly and clean! I love doing the bath the most as I always get myself a bath when it's been cleaned. I had a lovely bath with some almond and melon bath milk and a few small chunks of Butterball from Lush. It calmed me right down and smelt lovely!

I have to admit that I am pretty disgusted with Select's clothes website. One of the clothes models they have on there at the moment looks anorexic. What kind of influence is that on young girls and teenagers who more than likely look at the website to buy and look at clothes? I am very disgusted and I have considered emailing Select about the matter but to be honest I don't expect a reply or for them to care. The pictures are done and posted on the site now and I doubt they are going to change anything from a couple of complaints. I know someone from a forum I post on has complained and I'm so glad someone else is in agreement to my feelings on this matter. It's very upsetting to see.

After my bath, getting dry and drying my hair I didn't have much time to relax or rest as I had to sort out some stuff in my room, which I did in about an hour but I soon turned my sorting attention to the office, which looks like a bomb has hit it! It's a little bit more tidy now, but it needs more work of course.

That was about it for the day, was so busy!