Wednesday, 27 January 2010

My second haul!

I went shopping up town with my boyfriend today and it was sooo much fun! Neither of us had been up town since before Christmas so it was nice to be up there again. We went to loooads of places, but mostly the ones that we wanted to go to. So here is a haul of what I bought on the day.

I love Lush and was on the look for their new lip scrubs, especially the Bubblegum one, but sadly they had sold out and weren't getting anymore in stock until Thursday. I went in and decided to have a look around for anything new or old. I spotted some of the Valentines Day products and they are lovely! They have Magic Mushroom Bubble Bars which smell of strawberries and are in the shape of a red and white mushroom, Love Soap which smells like the Sex Bomb Ballistic and is the colour red, in a heart shape and with red glitter all over the top and finally The Ex Factor Ballistic which smells JUST like Butterball Ballistic and is in the shape of a gingerbreadman and is a light blue colour with a pink heart over it's chest. I bought one of these for how cute it looked and how lovely it smells. I haven't used it yet, I want to stock up on loads of them first, especially for £1.95! Not only did I get this in Lush but I also got my Mom and me some samples. I got my Mom some samples of Honey I Washed The Kids Soap and Porridge Soap. I also got us both a face mask sample, as we have wanted to get some for a while. I got myself Love Lettuce and my Mom Brazened Honey. We haven't tried them yet, but I think I'll try mine later.

After Lush we decided to go to a few more places for things I wanted to look at or buy, but on the way we took a detour into Superdrug and I am SO glad I went there now! That day I was on the hunt for smelling and possibly buying either (or both) Paris Hilton's Heiress and Britney Spears' Midnight Fantasy. I found Heiress in the sales for £10 in a 100ml bottle! What a bargain! Even some 30ml's aren't THAT low in price. They had about four or five on offer and I wish I had bought two bottles now! I intend to go back up at some point next week to try and get my hands on another bottle before they all go! The smell of it is very light and sweet and kind of reminds me of a lighter fragrance of Snow Fairy from Lush and Avon's Sweet Candy Bubble Bath. I was going to have this to pop in my handbag for when I'm on in the day or night, but I think I may just keep it to use when I fancy something sweet. I wouldn't want to worry about the bottle smashing.

Sooo after the detour to Superdrug we wandered off to a market that sells alternative, emo and gothic fashion. At the beginning of 2009 I bought some Dr Martens boots in a bright shiny red colour. They were sadly a size too small and I hadn't worn them in the first 4 months of purchase so I took them back and tried to get my money back but sadly the shop only offers credit or exchange and at the time none of the shoes in the shop were what I was looking for or wanted. I did try some shoes on but they didn't have my size (what luck eh?). So the credit only lasts a year so I decided to get it used that day if possible and I did! On some gorgeous leather ankle boots! They were originally £64.99 but the shop was having £10 off of all their shoes that day (except the ones in the sale) so they were only £54.99. Now, due to Dr Martens being expensive shoes and the ones I purchased being in the sale, my credit was £45.99 I just had to pay an extra £9.99 towards them. My boyfriend lent me the £10 and they were mine! I worried for a while that my Mom would hate the look of them, but as soon as I pulled them out of the box to show her she wanted a pair of her own. The leather is very soft and not only are they leather on the outside, but on the inside too! The soles of the shoes are rubber and my Dad commented on how they may need to get a change after a year or so of wearing them. When trying them on with my black skinny fit trousers, they look AMAZING! They remind of of something an indie band singer would wear, think Ricky Wilson from Kaiser Chiefs and they definatly remind of some of the shoes Ian Watkins (Lostprophets singer) has worn in the past. I love the picture I took wearing them with my trousers too, I think they look really cool! They're going to look wicked with a skirt and my trousers. Or maybe a white t-shirt and a long cardigan. They're going to be perfect for going out in on nights out, but I'd probably be really paranoid about them getting ruined.

After this we wandered off to an American sweet shop to buy ourselves some treats. I wasn't planning on getting anything apart from some Pez refills but when I spotted a Chococat Pez I just HAD to buy it. For £2.50 I didn't mind paying that much, especially when you got 2 Pez refills with it too! I also bought a few lollypops and was sucking one around town, it was great! I'm deffo going to be buying some more when I'm next there! It's always a treat going into that shop, but it's just a shame so much of their stock costs over £5 to buy.

My final purchase (apart from buying my boyfriend a CD for his late Christmas pressie) was some bracelets from New Look. It took AGES to get them but for the price I paid and discount I got off of it, I'm so glad. Basically there wasn't any of the bracelets around the shop on display, apart from them being on a models arm, which was on a very high shelf. I would have risked getting them myself but it may have looks suspicious so I asked a member of staff to get them for me. I did tell her which ones I wanted and she had a look in the stock room (or whatever it's called) to see if they had any there and she came out with a completely different pair to the ones I showed her. BUT in the end she went and got the ones off of the models arm and I went to pay for them. They were £6 but I only paid £3.20 for them (less than a £1 for each bracelet!) due to getting my 20% off with my student card. Good eh? They're pretty cute bracelets and will be nice to wear both in the day and on a night out.

So yeah, that was my haul for going up town shopping! It was a very fun day out and I can't wait to go up there again, mainly for perfume and sweeties!




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