Tuesday, 5 January 2010

January 4th 2010

Sorry for posting late, only just had time to post due to creative writing work swamping me all day.

Today has been alright. Had to miss out seeing my boyfriend due to my essay needing to be done and had been pretty sucessful. Nearly finished the chapter, with two of the three parts of the chapter done. Sadly they haven't been very enjoyable to do and I was close to tears on a few occasions. I knew I had to keep strong though, I want Madge to be proud of me so writing this about her is showing the world what a beautiful dog she was and how they missed out on not having the pleasure of meeting her.

Other than that I pretty much chilled out as well. I'm one of these people who HAS to multitask while they do work. I feel weird if I just concentrate on work and don't dot back and forth from Facebook, to MSN, to YouTube. Even iTunes snuck in for some fun, but not for long. Since my first year of university, I can no longer concentrate whilst listening to a film or song while doing essay work. Not even for writing, it just puts me off.

Early hours of the 4th January I read a couple of chapters of Marley & Me and it's such an inspiration for my own book about Madge. I hope to have finished it in the next few weeks so I can get more inspiration for my book.

It's my friend Krystal's birthday on the 5th (Happy Birthday hun!) and she's going to be 21-key of the door. That's a saying by the way, I just had to ask my Dad what it was for aged 21. Loser much?

Anyways, I'm gunna go read some more Marley & Me and hopefully get an earlier nights sleep than usual.

Night all!



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