Monday, 11 January 2010

January 10th 2010

Once again, sorry for posting this a day late but I seriously have a reason!

I finished my creative writing essay! YAYS! I got the commentary done and now all I have to do is read through the 30 pages and make sure it sounds okay and corrections are corrected etc.

It was snowing late as well so I'm hoping uni isn't shut come Tuesday, as I need to hand my essay in then.

Other than that, that is pretty much all I did. OH and do my usual changing of bed, getting a bath, drying my hair and getting some dinner.

I like to think I had a healthy dinner of tuna mayo and rice. It was very yummy and only took me 10 minutes to make! Scoooore!

Anyhoo that is all I have to post I'm afraid as Sunday's usually don't mean much do they?




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