Sunday, 31 January 2010

January 28th-30th 2010

Sorry these are late again I've been pretty busy, well lazy this week. I do start back at uni next week so I need my time to relax before I head back there!


My boyfriend came over to mine today and it was really cool. We usually just chill out when he comes over. We both got the house to ourselves and I wish we had put it to good use and made some bacon sarnies now! We never though, probably because I'm too lazy these days. Ooops!

He brough Fallout 3 with him to play on my PS3 and I would have had a go, but I usually die on it, so I left it to him to play for me. Most of my trophies are down to him! But I told him what name I wanted for my character etc. We started a new game due to pretty much messing up the previous one with blowing up Megaton (or whatever it's called) so a new game was made. We're still sticking to the evil streak. Go us eh?

I also tried a new outfit look and hair. I put on my black skinny fits, blue studded emo/scene belt, black vest and my turquoise shirt over the top. I did it up when I went out but indoors I either took it off or undid the buttons. As for my hair I tried this look but instead of having my hair curled (because it can take upto 5 hours to do!) I decided on just sticking to straight hair. I ended up taking the braids out as they were annoying me when I tried to eat and it got a bit messy. BUT for the time I had it, it was pretty cool! I will deffo do my hair that way again.

I cooked chicken and chips for me and my boyfriend and it was yummy! I had jelly after mine which I had made earlier in the week and it was also very yummy!

I recieved an email from my work placement supervisor about some work he wanted me to do for when I go in on Monday, so I intend to get started and finished with it tomorrow.


I woke up earlyish and got on with what I was set to do for my work placement work. What I needed to do was do research on magazines I could send my work into to get published, what they do and who I would contact to talk about getting published. It was a bit difficult but he said to do as much as I could, so I did 5 magazines all of them being different from one another.

Other than this it was the Celebrity Big Brother final! And that Alex Reid one. Angry much? I wanted Jonas to win. I won't even go into why I didn't want Alex to win. So yeah...

Anyhoo! I entered a competition on Barry M's website to try and win one of their Lip Lacquered Crayons! I'm hoping I win, fingers crossed for me eh?

Sad news for the day was finding out that Ugly Betty has been cancelled after season 4. While I'm hopeful that another company will take it on for season 5, I just can't wait to see what happens in season 4. I was just starting to REALLY love Ugly Betty and it reflecting on how I am/have been and what I want to achieve in the future and it's cancelled! Such a shame for such a great show!

I listened to Tim Shaw and watched How Not To Live Your Night for the rest of the night and then went to sleep.


Today was very relaxing but annoying at the same time. I woke up with an ache and pain on the left side of my back. I must have pulled something in the night when I was sleeping so it's been killing me ALL day! It has obviously got better throughout the day and a relaxing bath with some muscle soak and listening to Tim Shaw's Rehab made it slighty better.

Anyhoo my boyfriend brought Fallout 3 with him again, alongside Oblivion. Both amazing games and I love playing Oblivion on my laptop. I haven't for ages because I haven't had the time, nor have I been in the mood.

Adam was pretty tired and due to me having a backache we both just relaxed and played games all day.

The biggest news of the day is MY CALENDAR ARRIVED! I ordered it on Monday night from Amazon and it's soooo cute! I wanted to get a Hello Kitty one but I couldn't find one for a good price so went in a search for a Poodle one, but I had the same problem so I just looked for a cute The Dog Collection one and came across the Siberian Husky one! I'm so glad I bought it and it was well worth the money! It was £6 something, including the delivery charges.

I put it up and set it to January, which is such a cute picture! I'm just sad that I'll only get a few days to admire it! The puppy is super cute and like I've already said, I'm glad I bought it.

I have considered buying a Siberian Husky puppy when I finish all my uni related stuff, get myself a job and either move out on my own or with someone else. I'm still thinking about it obviously as they are big dogs and I've only been used to small dogs. I'd miss being able to pick them up and carry/cuddle them all the time.

After getting my calendar in the post I ordered myself a leather case for my phone so I don't need to worry about it getting broken or damaged whilst in my bag. I need to get some lense stickers so that it doesn't get scratched, but I won't get them until I get my case in the post.

A funny time today was one of my friends from uni calling me while he watched The Blackout perfom on the Kerrang tour. It sounded pretty cool! The Blackout are great live and I have fond memories of when I saw them live the first time I saw Lostprophets.

Other than this I spent the rest of the night listening to Tim Shaw and watching Gok Wan on TV. Was a pretty good day with my boyfriend, we were just exhausted from lack of sleep and being in pain from sleep.

Anyhoo that is all for now!


Nat xxx

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