Sunday, 10 January 2010

January 9th 2010

Okay, sorry I keep posting my blogs late but I either forget to do it or don't have time to do it before I go to bed.

So I went to my boyfriends Saturday, FINALLY I got to see him!

We had a very relaxing day together and we mostly watched TV and played games. I take my laptop with me to his so I can play FB games while he plays PS3 games. We watched the directors cut of Terminator 2, The Simpsons Movie and Celebrity Big Brother. He's bought Darkside for the PS3 and was showing it me and it reminds us both of Spyro.

We're loving Jonas and Katina in CBB at the moment! We kept taking the piss out of Jonas getting an erection. At one point in the show he was rubbing his stomach and kept going lower and lower and we kept joking about it. After that had happened and it went into the break it seemed to mess up but Adam thought it was his TV so switched ITV and Channel 4 back and forth. After the adverts had finished Mr and Mrs came on and we both pissed ourselves laughing and said "I thought we had Channel 4 on!" Funny moment!

I fell to sleep on Adam's lap during CBB but woke up with a shock. Was obviously a bad dream, but I dunno what it was. Was so strange and ironic that it had happened in Terminator 2 earlier.

When I got home I remember that I wanted to sort my wardrobes out, yes I have two. Two pieces of the clothes I ordered arrived! But I shall do a different blog about those after this one. So keep your eyes peeled if you want to have a read.

So anyhoo my main wardrobe was getting a bit chock a block so I wanted to sort it out. Same with my other wardrobe. I don't use both, one has clothes in I don't wear as often or don't fit me BUT I don't want to chuck 'em out and my other has clothes I wear at the moment.

So anyhoo I sorted out all the stuff in the one I don't want and put it at the bottom of the wardrobe, so when the time is right I can sell or give them away to PDSA or somewhere like that.

I then went on to sort my other wardrobe out and I didn't really have much to do. Just move some of the tops I don't wear as much anymore to my other wardrobe. Some of the clothes in there don't fit me anymore (WAY too big) so they needed moving. I the only time I wear them is when I don't feel very well. I also found a pair of skinny fit jeans that I TOTALLY forgot about! I'd folded them up and put them on the top of my wardrobe as they were beginning to feel TOO tight but since putting them there I lost another stone and I tried them on. They fit pretty nicely, so those are going to be worn next week me thinks!

One thing I am puzzled about is the whereabouts of my Paddington Bear t-shirt! I can't seem to find it and I really want to know where it has gone. I might go and search for it, I don't like the thought that it could have been thrown away.

Anyhoo gunna go write another blog and carry on watching Phoenizx Nights.




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