Sunday, 3 January 2010

January 3rd 2010

It's Sunday today, the day of rest! I don't really rest on Sunday's though. My routine for every week is to change my bed and get either bath or shower. I really enjoy Sunday's, but today I just couldn't be bothered to do anything.

Due to my crappy sleep pattern at the moment I didn't wake up until 1.30pm. I wanted to finish off my book review for my essay so decided to relax and watch TV for a while. I ended up watched Gimme, Gimme, Gimme and Hot Fuzz. After watching those I changed my bed and got a bath. Both were enjoyable to do.

I've got myself into a weekly routine to moisturising more and my boyfriends parents bought me a Nivea Happy Time wash and lotion set. The wash smells amazing and foams up beautifully and the lotion is just amazing. My skin is very strange and doesn't usually work well with most lotions, but I'm so glad the Happy Time one does as it smells gorgeous!

This is the second week of using it and it's made my skin lovely and soft, especially on the tops of my arms.

Anyhoooo other than that Celebrity Big Brother started tonight! The list of celebrities who have gone in are; Alex Reid, Dane Bowers, Heidi Fleiss, Jonas Altberg, Katia Ivanova, Lady Sovereign, Nicola Tappenden, Sisqo, Stephanie Beacham, Stephen Baldwin and Vinnie Jones. So far I like the look of Jonas Altberg, Katie Ivanova, Lady Sovereign and Vinnie Jones. We'll see what happens I suppose!

Think two things that have really made my day today are two Youtube videos.

Dirty Sanchez's Lee Dainton in Wales with the sheep:

And a friend of mine, Claire with Duck!

Other than this, I had Chinese for dinner and it was very yummy!

So until later if I think of anymore to write, laterz!



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