Sunday, 17 January 2010

January 17th 2010

Soooo today is Sunday and as usual nothing much happens. Pretty much all I have done today is wake up, watch The Young Ones, get some cereal do some blogs, play some Facebook games, watch YouTube videos, get a shower, moisturise, dry my hair, get some dinner and now I'm watching Ugly Betty season 3.

I wrote four blogs to catch up from the days I missed updating what has been happening and also two hauls.

I have missed watching The Young Ones, so it was nice to be able to watch it again! My favourite is Vyvyan, he just has soooo many funny moments in both series one and two! I might watch it again on Tuesday when I'm relaxing.

Right now I'm watching Ugly Betty season 3, which my boyfriend bought me for my birthday. I didn't watch the end of the season properly when it was on Channel 4 and didn't pay too much attention due to being busy with uni work. Therefore I shall be watching this season a few times in the new week or two.

I'm just so glad I have something new to watch, most of my DVD's are boring me loads lately, I need new stuff!

Anyhoo that is all for today.




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