Monday, 18 January 2010

January 18th 2010

Today has been busy, busy, BUSY! I woke up at 11.30am so I could watch some Ugly Betty and then get ready to go and check out of my placement for uni.

I got ready and wore my skinny fit jeans, a jumper, my brown bomber jacket and my black boots. Speaking of my skinny fit jeans, this time last year they didn't fit me but after going on a new years diet last year, they fit so lovely now! I'm so chuffed as they will look amazing, especially the new clothes I have bought lately.

Anyhoooo back to the placement!

I got there and spoke to my placement supervisors about what I would be doing, stuff to do with uni and when I will be starting, which is next Monday! I seriously can't wait! They gave me loads of tips and information on what I can use for my work. I am working at an online magazine and will be writing stuff about local things and various other stuff.

The best news is, I will be getting published and one of the supervisors said he is going to help me get my work into more magazines to help me gain a job and a publisher for my book when it's finished.

It is soooo exciting! I need to sort loads of stuff to do with it tomorrow, like call my placement tutor, the head of work placements and more things.

Other than that, after my placement meeting I went to my boyfriends for the rest of the day.

LOSTPROPHETS fourth album came out today! For those who don't know about it, it's called The Betrayed. I'm going to do a blog for it, sooo keep your eyes peeled for it!

So at my boyfriends we just chilled out, I was playing Facebook games on my laptop whilst we listened to The Betrayed. Later on he cooked me some dinner as he had already eaten and not long after it I started to fall to sleep on his lap whilst he played some other games.

I came home from his about an hour ago and I am seriously shattered! I have Ugly Betty season 3 on again at the moment and thinking about tomorrow. I'm going shopping for the day and it should be pretty good.

So that's all for now!




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