Sunday, 17 January 2010

Christmas/Birthday clothing haul

For 2009 Christmas and my 20th Birthday my Mom offered to order/buy me some clothes that I wanted from a catalogue she uses and I chose two Fearne Cotton pieces and a Peaches For PPQ piece and I love them all SO much!

I've been meaning to post about this since Tuesday when I recieved the last item I ordered, but I sadly haven't got round to doing it, due to relaxing from uni work being over and being a bit busy trying to sort my work placement out.

Sooo here is the beautiful clothes that I got from my Mom.

These are the two pieces by Fearne Cotton and they are the taffeta puff ball skirt and the floral jersey t-shirt. They were both in the sale, the skirt originally being £45 and the t-shirt originally being £22 but my Mom saved a MASSIVE £42 as they were down to £14 and £11!
The skirt is a beautiful blue colour and when the material hits the light it goes into a purply colour. It's very pretty and although it's probably for nights out I chose to use it for both in the day and at night, depending on the occasion. You need to wear the skirt on the waist and FC wears it with a black long sleeved jumper in the picture on the website I ordered it from. I don't have a jumper so when trying it on I wore a t-shirt instead and it looked really nice. I also wore it with black tights, perfect for a night out!
The t-shirt has such a gorgeous patter on it! A pretty red and green flower pattern that repeats all over it. While it is a gorgeous t-shirt, it's only flaw is that it is thinner than I thought it was going to be but it doesn't really bother me, as I think I will be wearing a cardigan, blazer or waistcoat over the top of it for both day and night occasions. The t-shirt also have a vest underneath to wear as well as the t-shirt, which is nice as without it my bras would be VERY visable. FC wears the t-shirt with grey skinny fit jeans in the picture on the website and this is probably what I'll wear it with too, as well as shorts and skirts. This is going to be great for spring and summer, especially due to it being thin!

The piece I had from Peaches for PPQ is a gorgeous all-in-one playsuit and was down from £39 to just £16 so my Mom saved £23! Bargain!
When I ordered the playsuit online I began to wonder how it worked for getting it on and doing it up, as I had never owned a playsuit or looked at one in the shops before but when it arrived it all made perfect sense! The playsuit has a small zip down the middle of the back and there are two black bow buttons at the back of the neck part. They are soooo cute! As you can see the top of the playsuit is striped and is a light reddy orange colour and a light coffee cream colour and black shorts. The shorts are amazing and have pockets! Perfect when out to keep odds and sods in. The t-shirt is very warm and the sleeves are quite baggy at the bottom, which I like as it means I can pull the sleeves over my hands to keep them warm in the cold weather. I'm going to be wearing this for both in the day and at night. Perfect to wear with black tights and black heels or flats. I would say boots, but I'm not 100% sure. When I tried this on for the first time my Dad said it brought out my French routes (from his side) and all I needed to complete the look was a black beret, which I am thinking of buying!

So, that was my Christmas and birthday haul! Overall everything came to £41 in the sale, but if it was all at full price it would have come to £106. So my Mom saved £65! What a bargain eh? Especially for celebrity inspired/designed clothing.

I haven't worn these out yet, but I intend to sometime in the next few weeks!

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