Friday, 1 January 2010

January 1st 2010

Coming into the new year was pretty interesting. The countdown on the BBC finished and the fireworks looked pretty. As soon as they finished me and my boyfriend watched Moon and it was really good! You'd have to watch it instead of me explaining what happens. David Bowie's son wrote and directed it, which is pretty cool.

Anyway back onto today! Me and the boyfriend didn't wake up until about 1.30pm... Well, we didn't go to sleep until 5am! We had our reasons. We snacked on the last lot of BBQ Pringles and chilled out for a while before putting TV on. Without sounding stupid, I seriously cannot remember what we watched!

I just realised that this post isn't going to be very entertaining, so I apologise!

We watched Confessions Of A Shopaholic, as I was in the mood to watch it and am DYING to go to the sales to shop. Sadly I don't have any money to do this, so as soon as I get some I intend to go shopping for some new clothes.

I've already seen a dress from that I want! It's so cute and not that much in price.

I've seen loads of clothes on Empire that I want too. I'm crossing fingers my sizes in 3 things I REALLY want come back in stock sooon!

I want a new look for 2010 but I'm not sure what. Smart would be good, but with a hint of diiirty smart with it too. I dunno, that's pretty much how I am now I think!

I think the only flaw about today has been the Dr Who fans. Fair play them being upset about David Tennant leaving but please don't spam my Facebook about it. It's so annoying. I could rant more about this but I don't want to offend the Dr Who fans, I prefer them to Twilight fans.

My Mom cooked beef for dinner today and seeing as my boyfriend stayed over the night he had a dinner too. It was amazzzzing! We were going to have some ice cream for after but we didn't bother and watched the rest of COAS.

He's gone home now and I have Big Fat Quiz Of The Year 2009 to keep me company! There's Russell Brand, Jonathan Ross, Rob Brydon, Claudia Winkleman, David Mitchell and Charlie Brooker. It's so funny and Jimmy Carr keeps doing his strange laugh. If David Mitchell and Rob Brydon were on a team together I would support them all the way! They need to bring Noel Fielding back with Russell Brand, that's the only time Russell is funny.

I need to get a new calendar too! My wall where I usually put it is BARE and it's so strrange! I'm not sure whether to get a Hello Kitty one or a Poodle one again. Whichever takes my fancy when I go to buy it.

Other than this I intend to relax with my Chococat plushie for the night and as soon as I wake tomorrow I'll either go out and get myself a calendar or do my uni work, as it's in on the 12th January.




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