Friday, 22 January 2010

January 19th and 21st 2010

Before I start typing and you realise that the 20th is missing out of the title, it is on purpose. I have a HUGE blog to post about for January 20th so keep your eyes peeled for it if you want to know what it's about.

So anyhoo apologies again for not updating everyday, have been super busy this week, especially on Wednesday.


Today was pretty strange and slightly annoying. I was set to get ready, head over to Carphone Warehouse and get my upgrade sorted. Instead I ended up doing it over the phone and it was much simpler and I got the phone I wanted! Score!

Carphone Warehouse really annoyed me! Last Friday I had asked them both on the phone for two different stores and when I went to one of those stores if I could get the contract I wanted and the specific phone I wanted and they said yes, but that they would need to order the phone in for me, which is fair enough. I then asked what day I could go back to the store and sort it out they said Tuesday. SO I called today and asked them about it and was basically being told at both of the original stores I rang the complete opposite of what I was told Friday. So in the end I just ordered the phone on the telephone.

It took the piss, but I got it sorted! I'm just sad that Carphone Warehouses staff can't get the facts straight, I stated clearly what I wanted and they gave me answers... Just the wrong ones. Very dissapointing, but I won't change who I do my mobile phone business with because Phones 4 U annoy the hell out of me! Their staff are rude and aren't helpful.

There rant over! Apart from that I finished watching Ugly Betty Season 3 tonight. OMG AT THE END! I couldn't stop screaming at the TV throughout the last 4 episodes. Can't wait for Season 4 to start in the UK!

I went to bed pretty early due to what is happening on Wednesday. Eeeeee cannot WAIT!!!


Yays! Got to see my boyfriend today, he came over to mine and we had a pretty chilled day. He brought Fallout 3 and Moon with him, so he played Fallout 3 for a while and we put the special features of Moon on before we had dinner.

Watch Moon if you haven't already, it's an amazing movie! I have mentioned this in a previous blog.

Anyhoo, I got to show him my new phone and the stuff from Wednesday (I want to keep it a secret from anyone reading until I post the blog next) and it was allll good!

I love my new phone, it's cute and pink and a touch phone! WOO!

Anyhoo, we got the house to ourselves and it was also bloody freezing! I just got into bed and kept warm. I also realised Wednesday and today how annoying wearing a playsuit is! You have to undo the whole thing just to have a pee! I mean, what would happen if I was wearing it up town and I wanted to pee? I'd have to try and undo the whole thing just to go peeee! It's crazy! But at least I look pretty in it eh?

I made us both sausages, eggs and chips for dinner and it was lovely! My Mom only bought the sausages the day before and we'd already scoffed 6 of them. They tasted amazing! I wish I'd cooked two extra ones (one for each of course).

As I said earlier, we played Fallout 3. Well, my boyfriend did I just watched. I'm hopeless at the controls! Anyhoo, the character has my name, epic hair and a bad attitude! We decided to have her as an evil character *sniggers* but we agreed she wouldn't be nasty or kill her father and we helped Butch's mother because our character knows what it's like not to have one.

I also put on Planet Terror at one point and everytime Freddy Rodriguez came on screen (El Wray) I was oooing and awwing. I love him soooo much! He just looks so small and adorable!

*clears throat* Anyway, out of Freddy stance. That was pretty much all we did that day! Was pretty cool and a relaxing way to chill out after such a busy week.




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