Sunday, 17 January 2010

January 12th-16th 2010

Have to say a HUGE sorry for not posting daily for the past 5 days as I have been pretty occupied with stuff but I'm going to explain ALL of what happened the days I was away in one huge blog post. I'm just going to keep each part short, sweet and to the main point of the day, so here goes!


As I posted here I went shoppping! I also handed in my creative writing essay and the night before was pretty shakey about whether or not it was good enough to get a first. So, I have realised the thought that I probably won't get a first, so I just pray that I get a 2:1 instead.
So with shopping I went with my Dad after handing in my essay for a good look around at the sales and what nice things I could get. Since Christmas I have realised that I need to watch my money and just buy things that I need or really want. This isn't including wash stuff and make up, as I hardly wear make up and have enough was stuff to last me ages. If you're interested in what I bought check out this blog post with my first haul.
After shopping on the way back to the car my Dad and I were pretty hungry and were feeling a bit too lazy to cook so we headed to KFC and I bought us something to eat. It was very yummy and we spoke about various things, especially about going to France for a holiday soon.
When I got home I tried on ALL the clothes I bought and the clothes my Mom has bought me for my christmas and birthday presents and showed them off to my Dad. Blog here about those clothes.


I woke up today and realised that I didn't have any work to do and it felt really good, but in a way it was a pain. If it wasn't for me having to clean all the upstairs of the house and get a bath, wash my hair etc then I wouldn't have known what to do with myself that day!
Every two weeks on a Wednesday I clean and vaccum bedrooms, bathroom and the office. I enjoy doing it and always have a DVD or the TV on for something to listen to while I do it.
I also always wash my hair Wednesday's, otherwise I would look an absolute mess on Thursdays.
This was pretty much all I did Wednesday. I was meant to get around to ordering The Betrayed, but I obviously never did.


Sadly, my boyfriend couldn't come over to mine today due to the bloody snow and while I was happy that I knew he was safe and not getting hurt by slipping in the snow, it really annoyed me! I just couldn't wait for the snow to go away so that I could see him again.
Some good news is that my work placement called me about going to see them for a meeting about the placement on Monday. I can't wait! It's going to be wicked! I have to miss seeing my boyfriend for a few hours, but he won't mind, it's compulsory pretty much due to uni wanting second year students to do a placement and I'm pretty glad to! I'm going to get published! The placement told me how they will be putting my writing work up on their website for everyone to see! I'm so excited and crossing fingers that I can land myself a job there. Another great thing about my placement is that I can wear WHATEVER I want! Most people at uni have to wear suits, so I'm glad I'm not in the same position.
Other than this I also ordered The Betrayed! FINALLY! I'm crossing my fingers that it arrived two days earlier on Saturday. I will keep you posted.


Today was pretty cool. I called my uni about a few things and found out some information about my local swimming baths and I intend to get that sorted out for next week.
Other than that I had been planning on getting some other stuff sorted, but sadly I couldn't so I plan to get it done throughout next week.
Went out for a meal and it was great! Have an amazing chicken burger and chips and I thought I was going to POP! Also shared a yummy sharing desert with my Dad and it was amazing! We had profiteroles filled with custard, vanilla ice cream, hot chocolate sauce, rocky road cake, fakes and some straw thingies. Was so yummy!
Finally went shopping for some food odds and ends and it was just a great day.
Sadly I wasn't feeling very well early hours of Saturday morning, so I didn't get to sleep until about 3am, even though I was tired around 2am. I eventually got to sleep but kept waking up in the middle of the night feeling hot, having a tummy ache and wanting to keep drinking water. My Dad blamed it on all the food.


I finally got to see my boyfriend! YAYS! The snow has pretty much gone away. I woke up a bit late due to not feeling well early hours (see 15th January 2010) so I woke up about an hour late. I got a bath, got dressed and ready and set off to meet my boyfriend. My Dad gave me a lift to save me getting late.
I finally got my hands on Ugly Betty Season 3, my birthday present from my boyfriend! I intend to watch it on Sunday and throughout next week! I haven't watched the end and I can't wait to see Henry again!
We pretty much played games, watched stuff on TV and DVD's and chilled out. We got to see the alternative ending to Terminator 2 and it's pretty cool, but the original is kind of better. If you haven't seen it, I'm not going to ruin the surprise for you.
We messed around on GTA IV and kept doing various suicidal bombings, most being in taxi's and other peoples cars. It was hilarious! I filmed some, but I don't know whether to put them up on YouTube or my Facebook. Any recommendations, just leave me a comment!
Eventually my boyfriend went home and I chilled out for the rest of the night flicking through the latest Avon book. Have seen some things I might buy and will post about these on Sunday's blog.

Anyhoo, that's pretty much what happened and I shall keep you posted once a day as usual. Have loads of stuff happening next week so I will have LOADS of post about!




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