Sunday, 3 January 2010

January 2nd 2010

I know it's already the 3rd (because it's 3amish here) but I haven't really had time to post until now because of uni work, which is pretty much all I have to talk about today. OH and fashion stuff too!

So basically I'm working very late into the night to try and get a first on my creative writing essay. I've got to do two chapters for a memoir I'm writing about my dog Madge, 1,500 word commentary about those two chapters, a 500 word book review, a magazine article and 1,000 word commentary for that.

So far I've done one chapter, my magazine article and the commentary for it. I started the book review earlier but really wasn't in the mood to carry on with it, so I'm going to carry on with it throughout the day today. If I get time I'm going to start the next chapter too.

Other than work, I was occupied at one point with the GORGEOUS clothes that New Look are selling online at the moment. I'm really getting in French/nautical fashion at the moment. It just looks so smart and crisp looking, basically something for any occasion! I just can't wait to get money as I might order in bulk ALL the stuff I have listed that I want. Depends, I'm going to see of course.

I want a new pair of boots too. I bought some ankle boots in September or October time and they're lovely an' all but I want some flat ones I can wear around in the day. Once again, New Look has some gorgeous ones.

I'd post links of the clothes I want, but I don't want the worry of copyright etc.

Anyhoo that's your lot for tonight as I'm actually tired for once, so I might get a cup of tea and sleep. I have quite a lot of do when I wake up, Sunday is never a day of rest for me.

Night/morning all!



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