Friday, 22 January 2010

January 20th 2010

You want to know what the secret was about today? Drum roll please!

*Does drum roll on table*


And it was amazing! I have met them before back in 2006 when they were doing a signing for Liberation Transmission. It was so cool and I got my LT album signed and pictures of all the band, especially of Stuary and Ian who made me laugh that day.

But this time I got my The Betrayed album, It's Not The End Of The World limited editon vinyl and a picture I made with my Twitter and blog username on it signed. Not only did I get my picture signed, but I also got a picture of Ian holding it and doing a pose for me! BEST THING EVAR! Apart from meeting them of course. I intend to use it for my Twitter picture in future, but I'm just paranoid about people stealing it, even though it's both copyrighted and has my full name on the picture.

Anyhoo to get into the signing you needed a wristband and HMV were only giving 400 away so I woke up at 5.30am to get ready, relax and get my arse up town! My Dad was lovely enough to give me a lift and pick me up when I was finished. I must have to HMV at about 8.43am and the shop was opening at 9am to give the wristbands away. I ran over to the store and got in line, which wasn't as big as I thought it was going to be! I waited out in the cold, my feet and nose going numb and finally got my wristband, quickly shoving it into my bag so no one could try and nab it off of me! I met up with my Dad after this and went home.

I had a lovely surprise when I got home, it was my new phone! I took it out of the box and had a play about with it, it is gorgeous! Nice soft baby pink colour and the screen is huge! The camera isn't as good as my other phones (Sony Ericsson C902) but I intend to keep that as my phone until my new contract switches over and also as my camera until I get a digital camera. I will get pictures of the phone when I start to use it. I took pictures of it on Wednesday, but they came out bad to be honest.

Anyhoo after relaxing at home for about 5 hours, it was time to leave and get back up town for the signing, which started at 5pm. My Dad once again offered to give me a lift, which was very helpful! I got to the shop at around 4.30pm to make sure I got a good place near the front etc etc.

Due to the band being in Wales for the day performing at their old school, getting stuck in traffic and apparently (according to Lee Gaze) getting stuck in mud the band arrived nearly 2 hours late. But I wasn't bothered to be honest, it was a free event and I was waiting in the shop. I wasn't warm though to be honest, my feet were numb and hurting.

The only annoying part about waiting was the fact I was surrounded by annoying school kids. It was strange though as the first signing and first time I met Lostprophets I was just about to finish school. But why they were annoying is they were either winging about Lostprophets being late, winging about the album being played over and over in the shop or bumping into me from acting stupid. Of course, they're only kids but after bumping into me once they should know better to behave and not do it again. Another thing that was kinda annoying was every kid stood around me was knocking over DVD's and CD's from leaning against them. I leant against them too, but I didn't put my whole body wait against it, otherwise IT WOULD have fell too.

Other than this, getting on 7pm I finally got my chance to see the guys. They were signing anything, which was amazing! I just wish I had taken ALL my CD sleeves with me, even LT to get signed again.

The order the boys sat in was: Lee, Mike, Ian, Stuart and Luke. Jamie wasn't there due to his wife expecting their baby, which by the way was a baby boy. Nice one Jamie!

Anyhoo, Lee said hey to me and I asked if they could sign all my stuff and he said, "Of course we will."

I moved on to Ian and asked, "Hey could you please have a picture with my sign? It's for Twitter you see." To which he replied, "Go on then!" and he posed for the picture. I would put a copy of it up on here, but I'm too paranoid to.

Then I moved onto Luke after being told to keep the que moving, he started to a conversation with me and was asking me how I was, that I must be freezing and thanks for coming to the signing.

I walked out of the signing, clutching all my things and looking at the photo I took. It was perfect and exactly how I wanted it to be! Ian holding my sign, a unique picture for me to keep forever!

After this I went to meet my Dad and bought chinese as a thanks for him helping me out throughout the day and because we were both too lazy to cook.

Amazing day! I have the picture of Ian as my current and new phones wallpaper. It looks wicked!

I can't wait to go see them in February, which will be my fifth time seeing them live.

You can tell I'm a huge Lostprophets fan can't you?

Anyhoo, that's enough for me. I'm gunna go watch some Bottom and relax for the rest of today. I will of course be posting about it later on.

For now toodles and take care!



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