Friday, 15 January 2010

My first haul!

This has been due late for a couple of days and I have LOADS to talk about from the past few days too, but sadly I've been too busy having my well deserved break from uni work to post. So now I am!

Basically I went shopping on Tuesday after handing in my essay as I wanted to get some new things for like when I go out and for the cold weather.

SO here is a haul with pictures and prices of the stuff I got!

My first purchase for the day was this tunic from Select. It has a sort of tie dye pattern of various colours (red, blue, green, yellow and black). It was £18 but was in the sale for £9. I tried it on (just to make sure it fit) and it was perfect! It has a belt around the middle, with 3 buckles on it and while I usually loathe the belt around the waist I really love the way it showed off my figure. I had wanted this for a while, since I saw it on Select's website but at the time I never had enough money to buy it. I purchased it with the £10 my brother gave me for my birthday.
When I tried this on in the shop and later on when I got home I was wearing my denim shorts with black tights and with that it looked great for both going out in the day and for a night out. I tend to wear both clothing for in the day and at night out for both occassions, so this will be worn at uni and out with friends (either day or night). BARGAIN at £9!

One of the last purchases I made was this beautiful jumper from New Look. It's a fuscia colour and has "London", "Paris" and "New York" written across it, which you can see in the picture. The jumper has a wide v neck and due to it being very baggy (and a size too big for me) the shoulders drop down to the tops of my arms, which is what I like! I have been search of a jumper that would do that and look great and of course I found it. I tried it on but I obviously didn't find out it was that sort of jumper until then and double checked with one of the workers in the shop. It wasn't in the sale so it was it's full price of £25 but due to me being a student and having a lovely student card I got 20% off! Anyone who loves New Look and wants to take advantage of this extra 10% off you better do it soon as it finishes in February! GET SHOPPING! So I paid... I dunno I'm crap at maths, so if you really want to know get your calculator or math head on. I'm seriously rubbish at maths!

My second and last purchases were a black vest and white and green swim shorts from New Look and some underwear from Peacocks.
The vest was £4 but I got 20% off of it so it was £3 something and the swim shorts were in the sale from £7 to £2 but of course I couldn't get 20% off due to them already being lowered. The vest is a lovely fit and I bought it to wear underneath the jumper I bought from New Look. When trying them on, they both looked great together and will be perfect to wear for any occasion and season. As for the shorts I bought the swim set of these back in 2008 but throughout last year New Look were selling the set in the sale, which they obviously didn't shift until recently when all they had left was these shorts. I wouldn't have bought them, but due to a hot washing machine and the materical of the design the silver pattern got ruined and now it's like sticky on both the shorts and bikini top. Sooo seeing as the shorts were only £2 I decided to buy another pair. I'll be on the lookout for another top!
The underwear I bought from Peacocks, as you can see there are three pairs, which were "buy two get one free!" so I got a white and red star pair and two Minnie & Mickey Mouse pairs as I couldn't find another pair I liked. The star pair was £2.50 and the M&MM ones were £3 each, so I got the star ones free and ALSO a 10% discount off them. So I only paid £5 something.

That's pretty much all I bought and I don't think I did too bad to be honest and on the way back to the car with my Dad to go home we went to KFC and got something to eat, I bought for us both and we had a nice chat about France and we're talking about going on holiday there when I get time off of uni. RESULT!

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