Friday, 8 January 2010

January 8th 2010

Well, there isn't really much to tell today.

Due to my messed up sleeping pattern I didn't wake up until 2pm and when I did all I did was flick through Company Magazine and start watching Ugly Betty season two.

Today has gone pretty quick for me, seeing as I wasn't doing much. I think the most usefull things I have done today is order a beautiful t-shirt, write these blogs, cook my dinner and get a shower.

Then again, I haven't done anymore work to my creative writing essay yet. After this blog I intend to go and get on with the epilogue and find out the definate word count for the commentary. OH and of course listen/watch Ugly Betty whilst I do it.

I swear to God, I cannot WAIT to get my new clothes in the post! They're supposed to be due on 13th January but I really want the skirt to arrive the day before.

Anyhoo, that's a dream that may or may not come true. I need to go now and do work, which I'll probably keep you all posted on.




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