Wednesday, 6 January 2010

January 6th 2010

Guess what? It's my birthday today!

I turned 20, so I guess I'm getting old now. In all honesty I wasn't looking forward to today, due to the snow being so heavy that I wasn't able to see my boyfriend or go out and do anything for it. Luckily I got to do one of those.

My Dad and brother got back from the shops with cards for me and they're all beautiful! My Mom's one is very pretty. It's purple with a pretty dressing table on it. My Dad's has a cute kitten in a box on it and it's a baby bluuuue. The one from my brother has flowers on it and a lovely message and one from a friend has Hello Kitty on it! I didn't get many pressies on this actual day due to not seeing people or delivery being slow. My friend bought me some Hello Kitty stuff and my brother gave me £10. My boyfriends bought me Ugly Betty season 3, but it hasn't come in the post yet.

Soooo I decided due to the snow that I would have to stay in. So I put on Ugly Betty season 1 and decided to write down some fashionable clothes I want to get for 2010. But my Dad suggested going out so I quickly turned off Ugly Betty and jumped in the shower.

I decided to dress nicely, as I had a feeling we'd go for something to eat. I put some black tights, denim shorts, black boots, white tunic t-shirt with a HUGE print of a union jack on, my purple beret, huuge red duffle coat, red, white and blue gloves and my union jack scarf.

We went shopping for some food first and then headed over to a nice little pub. The snow made it feel so magical and lovely.

I had yummy Bailey's coffee, which I'll definatly be having again! Me and my Dad couldn't decide on what to eat, so I chose to have some chicken with bacon and melted cheese and chips, so he had the same and ordered extra chips for us to have.

Even though it was just me and my Dad, it felt so lovely to have a meal out for my birthday. I haven't done it since I turned 18 and that was a bit of a nightmare to be honest.

I especially loved taking pictures with my Dad, it was so much fun! Two pictures were of best memory. One picture I went to take a shot from above my head, but he put his finger under my chin so I quickly pulled a face looking at it.

We also had pudding to treat ourselves. I had orange marble cake with ice cream and chocolate sauce and my Dad had apple pie with custard.

It's been so lovely today! I could cry from how great it went, due to me worrying and feeling depressed that it was going to be horribly boring and dull.

I thank all the people who have wished me a Happy Birthday!

To think I still have a while left for my birthday, seeing as it's only 10.18pm. I need to celebrate a bit more!




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