Sunday, 10 January 2010

New clothes!

Okay this is kind of a haul but without the pictures as I haven't taken any yet.

So on Wednesday and Thursday I ordered some clothes from a catalogue my Mom uses and they arrived on Saturday! Yay!

The first piece is a taffeta puff ball skirt by Fearne Cotton. It's a beautiful midnight blue colour and has an elastic band on the waste, which is black. You have to wear it your hips, otherwise it doesn't look right due to the bottom of the skirt being tightly pulled together. It's hard to describe, so if that doesn't make sense, sorry. But I plan on wearing it the way Fearne Cotton wears it in the picture, with a black jumper or t-shirt. It was £45 but I got it for £14 in the sale. Bargain!

The second piece is an all-in-one playsuitby Peaches Geldolf for PPQ. It's absolutely gorgeous and I am SO glad I ordered it! Basically it is one piece which is a cream and red striped t-shirt, that has long sleeves (YES) and a pair of black shorts, which have pockets (DOUBLE YES). The collar on the t-shirt covers the next, like a jumper would. I can't think of the word (damn), but it's going to be great for all this snow we're getting! When I'd ordered it and was waiting for it to arrive I wondered how I would get it on, would there be a zip or buttons at the back, at the side etc. But when I took it out of the packaging it was indeed a zip and two buttons at the back. There are buttons along the side of where the zip is, to obviously make it look as if it has been buttoned up. There are two cute black bow buttons for the neck part of the t-shirt. They are absolutely adorable! When I tried it on before going to see my boyfriend my Dad said I looked French, which is the new look I would like to achieve for 2010 and for following years. It was £39 but I got it in the sale again for £16. Double bargain!

I will get pictures of the clothes when my final piece arrives, as I don't want to get in trouble for copyright. The other piece of clothing I ordered was the floral jersey t-shirt by Fearne Cotton and I have a feeling that will arrive tomorrow (Monday). Fingers crossed though!

Anyhoo, I shall post pictures of them all as soon as the t-shirt arrives and I'll do a little talk about that tooo.

Toodles for now!

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