Friday, 22 January 2010

January 21st 2010

Today has been pretty exciting! Lostprophets did a live questions and answers on MySpace. Basically you logged onto either Twitter or Facebook and asked the guys questions over a live feed.

I of course was on it from start to finish and got a few of my questions answered, such as "Where are you from in the UK Luke?", "Coffee or tea?" and "Jackass or Dirty Sanchez?" The answers were "From Birmingham, Redditch area.", mostly coffee and Dirty Sanchez.

Other than this today I listened to Lostprophets on Radio 1 for a while and it was pretty cool! I also contacted my placement supervisor about my placement card (to get into the building) and a possible change of time I get to my placement Monday.

Tomorrow I'm going out with my boyfriend shopping, so I made of list of places I want to go to and things I would like to buy. Keep your eyes peeled for a haul tomorrow night or Sunday throughout the day.

I'm going to be looking for testers of Paris Hilton's Heiress perfume as I have watched from YouTubers that it smells sweet and like Bubblegum, which is PERFECT for me! I'm also going to be looking for testers on Britney Spears' Midnight Fantasy, as once again I have heard from YouTubers that it smells like blueberries. Another perfect smell for me.

I intend to be starting my YouTube page soon, which will have a blog under this username for it.

Other than this, all I have done today is watch Bottom, which has made me laugh. It always does to be fair.

Anyhoo, that's all for now!




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