Sunday, 7 February 2010

Random Haul!

On Monday I usually see my boyfriend, but due to him being unwell with a cold I didn't get to. I decided I needed to go shopping for some uni things and asked my Dad if he wanted to come with me, instead of me going on my own. He said yeah and we were off shopping!

I bought more than I needed/intended to but it doesn't hurt to treat yourself every now and then. PLUS the fact I am super proud of myself for how well I have been doing with uni essays. One 1st and two 2:1's. Go me, eh?

So here is the haul!

I decided that I needed to get some things for uni, as my old notebook was full of stuff from last term and I didn't want the worry of getting stuff mixed up, so I got a new one from Asda for £1.50. It's like the Pukka Pads with the tabs at the side and those are usually £2.99 so what a bargain eh?

I also wanted to get some new pens for uni because although I love my yellow cat one, I just wanted something new. I'll still use my cat one of course, as it's comfortable to write with and super cute! I need to get some refills for it now I think about it... Anyhoo I went into WHSmith for a look around at what I could get and I have had my eye on a cute Winnie The Pooh pen set for a while and also a thin pencil case too. I'd been using a small cherry tin pencil case and it was forever making a noise in my bag, which was annoying! I also couldn't fit my highlighter and memory stick in there, which was also annoying. So I decided to get the pen set and the pencil case. I'm so glad I did! It's so much quieter to get a pen out of my bag now when in lectures.

I wanted to get myself some more black vests as I only had the one and I loved wearing it sooo much! At only £4 each at New Look, I don't get why I couldn't take advantage of the price. So I went in and whilst looking around I saw the Lady and The Tramp t-shirt that I had wanted for AGES! I'm a huge LATT fan and I already owned 2 LATT t-shirts from New Look. I don't wear them much anymore as I get too paranoid of them getting ruined. Anyhoo I bought myself the LATT one and got myself two black vests. I had a look for some grey ones, but no luck sadly. Overall all my stuff came to £20 but with my 20% discount I saved £4 and only paid £16. So technically I didn't pay for one of the vests. BARGAIN!

I had a quick mooch in Topshop and once again I contemplated buying the Paris Strip PJ Set. It's only £18 and I get 10% off there but I'm not sure. I'm trying to save my money and not buy things I don't need. It's just so pretty! I might get it... I don't know! Anyhoo! I always love having a mooch around Topshop as they have such cute and nice things, especially their jewellery. I only bought some Cookie Monster pants though (my 3rd pair of Cookie Monster ones now) and they cost me £3 something with my discount.

I think my favourite purchase of the day (except my LATT t-shirt) was Britney Spears' Midnight Fantasy. I had been contemplating getting it for quite a while and in the Perfume Shop it was £24.99 for a 100ml, which is pretty good! I had seen it on The Fragrance Shop for £19.99, which I found out wasn't available anymore when I got home. So yeah, I was pretty chuffed I bought it. It smells so gorgeous! It's like a blueberry smell and it reminds me of a doll I used to have when I was little and mine smelt of grape, but I remember wanting the blueberry one a friend had. It smelt just like that! The box for the perfume is HUGE and I intend on keeping the bottle in the box for quite a long time. This perfume is meant to be special edition, so I don't know what I'm going to do when it runs out. Other than that, I also spotted a small little perfume gadget. It's called a Travalo Mini Atomiser which cost £7.99. Basically it's a little perfume bottle that you put your desired/favourite perfume in and you're off to go for the day! It saves having to carry a huge bottle of perfume around or worrying about breaking the bottle. I was contemplating buying one, but I thought I had spent enough money for one day and left it for another time or if I find something cheaper. One of the shop workers said she swears by them though, so they can't be that bad!

As I have said in previous blogs, I wanted to get my hands on the Bubble Gum Lip Scrub from Lush and I finally got my hands on a tub of it. For £4.50, how big the tub is AND for how little you need to do a good job on your lips it is amazing stuff! It smells really sweet and I have read that people think it's like Snow Fairy, but surely it would be weird putting that on your lips? If you get what I mean. Anyhoo, the smell reminds me of those pink shrimp sweets from when we were kids. I think the only flaw of the scrub is that it's a sugar scrub, so it has sugar in it. It's bad that you have to put it on your lips, as it makes me want to lick it off! Which I have noticed that I have had to do so that I can put my lip balm and lip stick on. It does a great job in smoothing the lips though. I've only used it a few times, but it is doing a good job! The guy who served me in Lush was so cool! I was wearing my ghost necklace from Beadesaurus in Birmingham (Yes I am from Brum) and he said how cute it was and asked where I bought it. I told him of course and I hope to go back soon and see him wearing it! I love that necklace and have had it since 2007. Long time!

On the way home from the shops we stopped off at Lidl for some deals and odd bits of food and drink we like to get from there. I noticed some lip balms for 99p and I have wanted one for my handbag, instead of using my Blistex one which I like to keep at home. So my Dad was lovely enough to buy me one. It's milk and honey apparently but it doesn't really taste like it. It has made my lips softer though, so for 99p it's doing a good job!

That was pretty much my haul! I don't think I did too bad you know!

Anyhoo, blogs coming up! Sorry I'm taking ages to get them done at the moment, I'm just pretty busy with being back at uni and life in general.

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